Session Topics: Aaron Jeffrey

The Beautiful Life with God (Parts I & II)

Thursday, June 28, Sessions 1 and 2


This session will discuss God’s gift of beauty (in general) and within music (in particular) in order to relate these concerns to His good work in and among us—shaping our character for the defense and confirmation of the gospel. It is important to “think well” about this because our encounter with beauty produces a more real and profound sort of knowledge than mere rational deduction. Careful reflection is, of course, essential. However, if we do not attend to beauty, then our knowledge-faith will be impoverished and our living communion with God will be compromised. Music is, of course, an important part of modern life. It’s everywhere—influencing us in mysterious ways. How can we, in some way, affirm all of it while also developing discernment concerning the ways it is forming us for good or ill? 

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