Session Topics: Randy Guliuzza

The Human Body: Divine Engineering [VIDEO]

Thursday, June 28, Session 4

Evolutionists say everything evolved through random mutations and any appearance of design in nature is just illusion, but how does that stack up to reality? Just consider the human hand. Nothing else comes close to its fluid precision and control. Our hands enable every level of human activity, from the work of artists, surgeons, concert pianists, professional baseball pitchers, to a mother brushing her daughter's hair. Such great engineering could only result from great design. Dr. Randy Guliuzza, a professional engineer and medical doctor, explores the wonders of the human hand, demonstrating the precise interactions of our nervous systems and muscles that provide its powerful grasp, precision grip, and exquisitely controlled finger movements. By video (shown with permission by the Institute for Creation Research), students will join Dr. Guiliuzza as he unwraps the astounding design features that testify to the engineering genius of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.*

*Description from the ICR website

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