Session Topics: Steve Forister


Can You Trust the Bible? (Parts I & II)

Tuesday, June 26, Sessions 1 and 2


If you’ve ever wondered about how the Word of God was transmitted from the mind and heart of God to regular people like you and me, you are not alone. A strong and confident understanding of that story forms one of the foundations of the Christian faith. Perhaps you’ve asked—or been asked—questions like these: Why are these 66 books, only these and no others, considered inspired Scripture? What does inspired mean anyway, and how did it actually occur when we know that human authors were involved? Do all our English translations come directly from the original written scrolls and letters? If not, how do we know the version we have at home is reliable? Is the Bible truth, or does it merely contain truth? How can I better trust, understand, honor, and submit to God’s Word? These sessions will equip students to answer these questions with confidence, even in the midst of an increasingly skeptical world.

Working Out Your Faith: The Great Paradox of the Christian Life (Parts I & II)

Friday, June 29, Sessions 1 and 2

The author of Hebrews tells us that faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (11:1)—a most extraordinary assertion that, at face value, might look like a contradiction. But this is, in fact, the very heartbeat of Christianity, the means by which we receive the grace of God, and what gives the Christian life a sense of wonder and joy. Your faith must be your own—not just your friends’ faith, or your parents’ faith. Let’s explore together what the Scriptures say about the object of our faith, the result and fruit of our faith, the nature and power of our faith, and how that faith works out in everyday life.

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