Session Topics: Victoria Cobb

Love Thy Neighbor: A Call for Biblical Engagement

Wednesday, June 27, Session 4


What if loving your neighbor meant more than mowing their lawn when they’re in the hospital? What if you could love one neighbor or do basic things that showed love for your entire community? In this session, we’ll learn how engaging in our representative democracy allows us to love our neighbors.

By Design: A Look at God's Design for Family Life

Wednesday, June 27, Session 5

Christians believe that there is a Designer, not just of the world but of human beings as well. We believe that He also created things like the law of gravity, which exists whether or not one believes in it. Yet, society, including self-proclaimed Christians, treat relationships and family life as if there isn’t a fundamental design and relational order created by God that, when ignored, results in life malfunction. This session examines relational order as if it is as true as the law of gravity—it works whether or not you believe in it.​

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