Video Speaker Feature: Randy Guliuzza

The Winter Olympics may be over, but think back to all those quadruple axels and crazy snowboarding flips you saw. Isn't it incredible the way athletes train and perform such amazing stunts?

Randy Guliuzza, National Representative of the Institute for Creation Research (in Dallas, Texas), shared his thoughts on how the Olympics show "evidence of the Creator’s clear design and engineering of the human body." Check it out here.

The overarching theme of the above-linked podcast will be featured in a video session at Think Well 2018, where students will learn how God has specifically engineered the human hand to work in ways that no non-human (not even a chimpanzee) can ape (pun intended). You'll never look at your hand (or the rest of the human body) the same after you see The Human Body: Divine Engineering.

Dr. Guliuzza was recommended to us by one of our Think Well alumni who loved hearing him speak at a another venue. Although he will not be present with us physically, we think his talk will make a big impression still (much as our two video speakers, Nabeel Qureshi and Scott Klusendorf, did at the 2016 Think Well Conference). . Dr. Guliuzza is an incredible public speaker, combining humor with well-documented biblical and scientific facts. He holds four degrees: a BS in engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, a BA in theology from Moody Bible Institute, an MD from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University.

We encourage you to check out Dr. Guliuzza's page on the ICR website at

and follow him on Facebook.

For a hint about the video we'll show at Think Well, check out this podcast: "Common Design or Common Descent?"

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