Speaker Q&A with Charles D: Digging for Truth

A returning Think Well speaker, Charles Dumaresq is an elder at CrossLife Community Church with a passion for apologetics and for teaching and mentoring young people. Originally from Winter Haven, Florida, he holds an MA from Trinity Theological Seminary in Indiana, where he concentrated his studies in New Testament history and biblical archaeology. He served 17 years in vocational pastoral ministry before transitioning to an insurance career. He and his wife, Susan (shown in the photo at left), have four daughters and live in Free Union, VA.

​Thanks for bringing your passion for (and knowledge of) biblical archaeology to Think Well again! What do the students have to look forward to about your talk this summer?

Charles Dumaresq (CD): We’ll review new and exciting recent archaeological finds from the past two years. Also, we’ll talk about the technology used today to assist in searching and exploring promising sites.

How did you get interested in this field?

CD: I always had an interest in ancient cultures. I studied biblical archaeology in seminary and did some postgraduate studies with both Associates for Biblical Research and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Do you have a favorite archaeological find that relates to biblical history?

CD: The Rosetta Stone.* It unlocked the ancient language of the Egyptians (hieroglyphics).

*Photo of the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum at right is by Hans Hillewaert; source: Wikipedia.

Do you have a go-to resource for learning about new (and old) biblical archeology finds?

CD: Associates for Biblical Research (www.biblearchaeology.org).

Editor’s note: Some recent headlines from ABR include, “New Technology Confirms Clay Fragments of Atrahasis Epic Are From Same Tablet” (3/10/2018; the epic is a Babylonian creation story that includes the account of a flood and a man being saved in a boat) and “Possible Seal Impression of the Prophet Isaiah Found” (2/28/2018). Check out all their latest news headlines here, and sign up for their free monthly email newsletter there.

What’s your favorite Bible verse and why?

CD: John 17:3, “And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” This verse shows the true meaning of eternal life from Jesus’ perspective. It is simple and intimate, and shows that we must know God and not just know about Him. Also, it is encouraging in that God wants us to know Him and Jesus both.

What are a few things you do for fun or to relax?

CD: Marksmanship, bird watching, camping, and four-wheeling.

You just struck out on your own as an insurance agent this past year; what do you like about your job? Any crazy or funny stories you can share?

CD: I love that being self-employed gives me total control over my schedule. I love the people I meet, and often God uses my job to minister to many needy people. I once went into an appointment where the gentleman was about to commit suicide. I talked with him for several hours and prayed with him. He was weeping in my arms. He was lonely and had just lost his wife of 45 years. I contacted his former church and asked them to pick him up to attend worship. I also reached out to social workers for his well-being.

Want a sneak peek at some of the things Charles D. might bring up this summer? Take a look at this list:

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