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"What happens [in arguments about abortion] is we tend to chase rabbit trails when we need to focus attention on the question, 'What is the unborn?' And when we focus on that question, we simplify this debate. Nobody ... would say it's okay to kill a toddler in the name of privacy. They only say you can do that to a fetus because they're assuming ahead of time the unborn aren't human ... So the real issue is not privacy or trusting women or choice in who decides; it's 'What is the unborn?'" —S. Klusendorf (in interview with Peter Shinn of Pro-Life Unity; Watch the entire interview)

At Think Well 2018, we'll be showing the same video we showed at the 2016 conference featuring pro-life advocate Scott Klusendorf. This video was noted as one of the most impactful sessions to students who attended, and we believe this issue is important enough to warrant showing it again.

Who's Scott Klusendorf?

Scott is the founder and president of the Life Training Institute (LTI), which was established to equip pro-life advocates for defending their views in the public square. A passionate defender of the unborn, he has lectured and debated at colleges and universities all over the country since the early 1990s. His arguments are rooted in a belief that the case for life can compete in the marketplace of ideas when properly understood and articulated.

Scott is the author of The Case for Life and the co-author of Stand for Life (the latter book is specifically aimed at students). He is a graduate of UCLA and holds a master's in Christian apologetics from Biola University. He lives in the Atlanta area with wife Stephanie, and they have four children.

John Stonestreet (our Think Well keynote speaker) comments how hard it is to find someone like Scott who can speak both graciously and intelligently on a hot-button topic like abortion:

"When it comes to the controversial issues of our day, it’s really difficult to actually get to a point where you get light instead of just heat, where you actually get calm, reasoned discussion instead of just a bunch of flame throwing and mud slinging ..."[1]

Stonestreet goes on to note that Scott has trained thousands of students, and has prompted many to rethink their pro-choice position. Students who hear him (and others from the LTI) are "not only equipped personally to think well about the life issue, they are actually equipped to take and use those same arguments. It’s some of the most repeatable, usable, and articulate training that I’ve ever seen done in any area."[2]

Read Scott's full bio

Why Life Matters

Why are we reserving time to talk about abortion at Think Well? It's not just because it's one of the issues Christians like to talk (or sometimes, unfortunately, argue) about. We're addressing it because it strikes at the core of who we are as people, who God made us to be, and His commandment to love our neighbors (including those not yet out of the womb).

To put it succinctly, Scott's video is part of Think Well because people have dignity and worth because they're made in the image of God; therefore, "human life is sacred and respect for human life should be at the center" of who we are and what we do as Christians.[3] A "pro-life ethic," of course, extends beyond the unborn to also include all others society would devalue, marginalize, or seek to discard, from the elderly to those with special needs to those being sold into slavery (sex trafficking). Defending, protecting, and valuing life should be central to our worldview and to our acting upon that view.


The Life Training Institute has some great resources on its website, including videos of Scott speaking. We encourage you to check them out here:

[1] LTI website.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Focus on the Family.

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