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We're just over two weeks out from the conference kick-off, which means we have a flurry of planning and preparation taking place right now ... everything from finalizing the color of our t-shirts to praying for every registered student by name! (And yes, folks, as you can see in the photo, we have some snazzy pens this time; they're hot off the press!)

I wanted to give you a quick little update as the conference draws near.

FIRST, THE SCHEDULE: The schedule for the conference week is now final and is posted on the website. Check out a chronological list of the topics and speakers by day/time here. Keep in mind, the main auditorium is only open to students and specific volunteers; however, parents and others interested in hearing the sessions are invited to come to the overflow room (our fellowship hall), where speakers will be streamed live on a TV screen.

SECOND, THE SESSIONS: Those who want more details about a particular session topic can either click on the title from the schedule linked above, or you can read all the descriptions in one place (alphabetical by speaker's last name) right here.

THIRD, REGISTRATION CLOSES SOON: We are closing online registration at midnight on June 15. So, if you've delayed registering or have a friend you still want to invite to come, NOW'S the time! Register here.

FOURTH, WATCH OUT FOR YOUR PRE-CONFERENCE EMAIL: All students and parents of students registered for the conference will be sent an important pre-conference email on or around June 17 to let you know all that you need to know before you arrive for the kick-off event on June 24. If you have any burning questions right now, check out our FAQs or email the conference coordinator (yours truly) at

FIFTH & FINALLY, BE PRAYING! This conference is absolutely chock-full of AMAZING content and truth. (We've even had some ask when we're going to do something similar for adults!) That being said, we do not pretend to think that simply delivering good information and material will change anyone. Wisdom is not just knowledge, but accepting and applying that knowledge to life. Each and every student attending the conference is being prayed for by name by someone on the Think Well team. We are asking God to truly give these students wise and discerning minds and hearts; hearts that are open to what God has to say, and minds that can grasp the truths that will be shared. It is only by His Spirit that these students, or any of us, will be transformed. May He give these students ears to hear! Also, please join us in praying for the speakers as they prepare their talks. We are thankful for God providing so many wonderful, multi-talented men and women who are willing to take this time to pour into young people (some of our speakers are taking time off their full-time jobs to be able to speak).

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