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Conference Basics


When is the conference?

The conference is held during the weekdays Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (students may stay for social time until 5 p.m. if they wish). In addition, there is a kick-off event for the whole family on Sunday evening; the keynote speaker opens the event at this approximately two-hour session. One other evening event is also held along with a closing event (cookout/graduation) on Friday (for all students and their families).


Where is the conference, and who sponsors it?

Think Well is sponsored and hosted by CrossLife Community Church. The address of the church is 1410 Old Brook Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22901. (We are located at the corner of Rio Road and Old Brook, about a half-mile from Fashion Square Mall.)


Who speaks at the conference?

CrossLife Pastor Todd Cothran moderates the conference and teaches some of the sessions. There is a keynote speaker plus other speakers, including several from the local area/region, with expertise in a certain area(s). The likely 2021 speakers are listed here; past speakers are listed at these links: 2016 speakers; 2018 speakers.

What topics are covered?

The topics vary by year, and a tentative schedule will be posted in late spring. The 2018 schedule is here and the 2016 schedule is here; you can view these for a taste of the topics we cover. We seek to be as comprehensive as our time allows, recognizing that God and his Word speak to all areas of life. We have covered basic apologetics topics such as the reliability of the Bible, the case for the Resurrection, Jesus as the only way, the Christian worldview vis-à-vis other worldviews and religions, science and faith, beauty and music/art, and biblical archaeology. We also cover current and personal worldview issues, such as marriage and family, gender and identity, poverty, religious liberty, civic engagement, the sanctity of human life, and media/entertainment and technology. Discipleship, evangelism, and living a purposeful life are covered as well.


What is the format of the conference?

Refer to the 2018 schedule as a sample format. Time is allotted for:

  • Welcome and worship in song (first thing in the morning)

  • Speakers’ sessions (50-minute lectures with a range of interactivity depending on the speaker)

  • Question-and-answer sessions

  • Breakout activities in small groups

  • Mid-day lunch break plus shorter morning and afternoon breaks



Questions About Who Can Attend


What ages are allowed to attend?

The conference is recommended for ages 14–22. Younger participants may be allowed at the discretion of the parents after a discussion with Pastor Cothran.   


Can parents/guardians attend?

This conference is first and foremost for young people. The kick-off evening, another evening event, and the final cookout/closing event are all open to parents and other family members. In addition, Monday through Friday, there are overflow rooms at CrossLife (a larger fellowship hall—for adults only—and a smaller children’s nursery room for adults with young children) where speakers’ talks can be watched live on TV monitors during the week. 


Is there child care?

There is no child care during the weekdays of the conference. Child care is usually offered during the evening events. If you are an adult who wishes to hear speakers from the overflow room during the weekday sessions, please keep young kids out of the main sanctuary and foyer so as to minimize distractions for both speakers and conference attendees.


Is it appropriate for a nonbeliever to attend this conference?

Yes! While the conference certainly is aimed at young believers wanting to strengthen their faith, and to learn why they believe what they believe and how to defend their faith, we by all means do not want to turn away those who have not yet professed faith in Jesus Christ. We do ask, if a student attends and is not a believer, that the parent(s) makes sure he or she is willingly attending (not being forced) and is open to the Christian faith to the extent necessary so that he or she will not become a distraction or obstacle to others attending.



Cost Questions


How much does it cost?

The regular registration cost for the summer conference will be $125 per student. The early-bird rate (register by April 15) is $110 per student.


What if I cannot afford the full price?

Financial assistance is available on a need basis. Please speak to Pastor Cothran regarding assistance that you may need: 719-321-8565 (cell) or


What is included in the cost?

Registration, a conference notebook, a conference T-shirt (please indicate size when registering), pen, and other conference materials; also, snacks, beverages, at least one catered lunch, and a closing event cookout are typically included in the cost. (Other lunches are not included and should be brought from home.)


I’m a parent/sibling and want a Think Well T-shirt. How can I get one?
A limited number of T-shirts from past conferences are available for purchase for $6 each (while supplies last). Please call 434-973-9162 or send an email to to request one.



Registration Questions


How and when do I register?

Registration will occur from this website starting February 15, 2021. Be sure you’re signed up for Think Well email updates so you will be in the know about registration and other Think Well news.


Is there a registration deadline?

Registration closes 1 week before the conference starts, or whenever we reach full capacity (120 attendees), whichever comes first.


What if I can’t or don’t want to register online?

Registering online is secure. However, if you strongly prefer to register by paper instead of online, you can do so. To request a hard-copy registration form, call 434-973-9162 or email


Are there any refunds?

Usually, a refund is available in the case of an extenuating circumstance that prevents a student from attending after already registering.


What if a student cannot attend all days of the conference or needs to miss parts of it?

While we strongly urge that students attend every session all five days (along with the kick-off session on Sunday), we understand that there may be circumstances in which someone has to miss part of a day or a whole day (or more). The registration cost will be the same regardless of whether a student attends all sessions/days or not.


After I register, then what?

You will receive a pre-conference email approximately a week before the start of the conference. That email will contain all you need to know before the kick-off event. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact conference director Jenny Abel ( / 619-517-8958) or Pastor Cothran ( / 719-321-8565.


How can I find out who else is attending from my area so I can carpool or arrange transportation?

We do not offer transportation to the conference, but other families/attendees may be able to give you or your student a ride. If you desire to carpool, please contact conference director Jenny Abel ( at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference.


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